Ends on January 31, 2019


Scholarship Awards

Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. shall award up to a total of five (5) scholarships for the year 2019 in the amount of  $1,000 each.

A committee composed of members of the PTCI Board of Trustees will make a selection of the scholarship winners.

A scholarship will be awarded up to Five (5) applicants who are, in the opinion of the committee, most worthy of an award by the academic record, future promise and financial need.

PTCI announces scholarship awards in early May of each year. Scholarship winners will be required to accept such awards for use during the next school year.


Any graduating senior who resides with  and is the child, adopted child, step-child, or full dependent ward of a parent or parents with a certified service of PTCI (telephone service, television service, or internet service), may apply for the scholarship available in his/her appropriate service area.  

Students qualifying under the above provisions must also be qualified for admission to an accredited college or university, or trade school at mid-term or at the end of the current school year during which the awards are made.

Any graduating senior who resides with and is a child, adopted child, stepchild, or full dependent ward of a parent or parents who do not have certified service of PTCI, may not apply for the scholarship available in his/her appropriate service area.  Graduating seniors who are not eligible to apply for said scholarships include any student who is a child, adopted child, step-child, or full dependent ward of an employee or trustee of PTCI, who is directly involved in the scholarship selection process.


Applications for scholarships must be online. The selection committee may not consider applications submitted after the date specified, nor may it consider applications, which do not include all materials, requested on the application. Deadline: January 31, 2019.

Obligation of Scholarship Holders

Scholarship holders will be required to be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours and be required to maintain no less than a 2.0-grade average during their first semester of study to receive the remaining half of their scholarship award.

Failure in or withdrawal from more than one-third of the total credit hours enrolled in for the first semester shall forfeit any holder’s remaining scholarship funds. PTCI may make an exception, upon petition by the holder, if absence from classes on account of illness, certified to by a physician, or other exceptional reasons, shall have been the cause of such failure or withdrawal.

Liabilities and Rights

PTCI Board of Trustees, nor the scholarship selection committee shall be liable for the debts or conduct of holders of scholarships, and such holders shall have no right to anticipate, assign or transfer rights acquired because of a scholarship award.

The PTCI Scholarship Committee reserves the rights to at any time make any exceptions, interpretations, modifications, and amendments to the provisions hereof as it deems appropriate.

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PTCI Scholarships

PO BOX 1188

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